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NFT sets

EverSAFU v2 NFT Sets rock!
ES2 currently have 4 NFT sets available. Most have been fully minted however one can still find them for sale on secondary site or from peer to peer. The current NFT sets were produced by the ES2 team to come with utilities. So they are not just a cool piece of art to look at, they are also functional in different ways like staking, access to whitelists, etc...
  • First set: EverSAFU 0G Collection (ES2 0G NFTs)- 300 total - under 36 hours sold out EverSAFUv2_NFT - 0x6cb1AF116643F6c741C55b3966c45d289F2F091e Initial mint price= 0.18 BNB
  • Second set: FPulse NFTs all minted and merged into ES2 to earn ES2 tokens passively once staked.
  • Third Set: ES2 Crew NFTs - total 250 - minting ongoing. Initial mint price= 0.25 BNB
  • Forth Set: ES2 G2 (Gen2) NFTs - Total 500 - for staking to earn ES2 tokens
View the NFTs here in our gallery: