Trading Fees Breakdown

Buy Trading Fees:
  • 6.0% BUSD Dividend rewards
  • 3.0% Treasury
  • 3.0% Auto Fire Pit
Sell Trading Fees:
  • 8.0% BUSD Dividends
  • 3.0% Treasury
  • 3.0% Auto Fire Pit
Additional Info:
  • BUSD Dividend Rewards - Trading fees are stored in the Dividends contract. This Dividends contract serves as a BUSD Reflection Distributer and monitors and sends rewards to holders of $ES2 Token. Rewards are based on total volume of trades and in relation to total amount of $ES2 Token one holds in their wallet.
  • Treasury - Trading fees go directly to the treasury which provides a marketing and development budget for ES2. It is also used to create more LP and to boost up the floor of the $ES2 Token through buy backs.
  • Auto Fire Pit - A % of all $ES2 traded are burnt in the Auto Fire Pit. The more that is traded, the more is sent to the burn address causing the fire pit to grow in size, larger and larger through self fulfilling auto-compounding. This in return acts to reduce the circulating supply of $ES2 and assists in keeping the ES2 protocol stable.